500CC Oxygen Absorbers Ontario Canada from Canadians

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Oxygen absorbers are an integral part of your long-term food storage system.  The oxygen absorber's job is to remove the oxygen from inside the sealed mylar bags creating a nitrogen rich environment ideal for long-term storage.  This prevents the growth of pathogens and organisms that cause spoilage such as mold. We offer a 100 count 100cc oxygen absorber bag which works well for the 8x8 mylar bags which require approx. 200cc of absorbstion.  You can also buy a 50 count bag of 300cc oxygen abosorber which is the perfect size for the 10"x16" mylar bags.  Each 10"x16" bag requires 1 (300cc) oxygen absorbers to remove the excess oxygen from inside the mylar bags.  Lastly you have the option of purchasing  a 50 count bag of 500cc oxygen absorbers which are much better sized for the 30"x20" mylar bags.  Each 30"x 20" bag needs 4 (500cc) absorbers for a total of 2000cc to remove the interior oxygen to create the vacuum sealed nitrigen rich envirionment inside the bags.

500CC Oxygen Absorbers Ontario Canada from Canadians
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